Trading in the new Traxxas T-Maxx for an E-Maxx

After being out of the RC game for 15 years, I was recently given a new Traxxas T-Maxx for Christmas. Apparently my loved ones are telling me… I need a new hobby.

The idea of an RC truck that does 45+ mph was quite appealing to me but after spending a few hours researching what I was in for, I decided the Traxxas E-Maxx might be a better option.

Some of you are probably going to curse me out in the comment section below but, the 5 tank break in, after run procedure, inability to run in wet conditions, and the idea of tuning the Nitro truck in the cold wintery northeast was not for me. Not yet, at least.

For those of you who don’t know, the T-Maxx requires a 5 tank break in period which consists of babying the engine and running the truck around in circles with a cool down period between tanks. The Traxxas Break-in Procedure is as follows.

Tank 1

  • Throttle: 1/4
  • Time: 2 seconds
  • Cool: 15 min.
  • Body: Off
  • Apply throttle gradually

Tank 2

  • Throttle: 1/2
  • Time: 2 seconds
  • Cool: 15 min.
  • Body: On
  • Apply throttle gradually

Tank 3

  • Throttle: 1/2
  • Time: 3 seconds
  • Cool: None
  • Body: On
  • Reduce idle speed if necessary

Tank 4

  • Throttle: Full
  • Time: 3 seconds
  • Cool: None
  • Body: On
  • Don’t allow shifts to high gear if 2-spd equipped

Tank 5

  • Throttle: Full
  • Time: 5 seconds
  • Cool: None
  • Body: On
  • Accelerate over 3 second count, hold for 2 sec.

Sounds like a lot of work right? They say a tank of nitro lasts about 20 minutes so, with cool down periods between tanks you are talking about a few hours worth of work just to get started and we’re not done yet.

The sound, smell, and speed of a nitro truck is impressive but now that you have it running, its time for the after run procedures.

After each running session (After-run procedure)

  1. Empty tank.
  2. Start engine to burn off remaining fuel in engine.
  3. Clean engine and remove filter and glow plug.
  4. Spray 1-second burst WD-40™ into carburetor & glow plug hole.
  5. Spin engine with EZ-Start for 10 seconds (repeat step 4 & 5 twice).
  6. Clean air filter and re-oil.
  7. Replace plug, reconnect plug wire, and reinstall filter.

After each hour of running (3 tanks)

  1. Clean and re-oil air filter.
  2. Clean engine of dirt and oil.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that it isn’t worth it and I don’t want to scare anyone looking to get into the nitro market away. I just want to make sure you know what you are in for before it’s too late. I am sure, for more seasoned RC enthusiasts, this kind of thing is a walk in the park but for me, it was a little overwhelming.

Like anything else, there are pros and cons, make sure you get educated and make the right decision. With my lack of RC experience and the conditions I am looking to run in, the E-Maxx was the obvious choice.

Stay tuned and learn along with me as I break, fix, purchase new add-ons ,and take this E-Maxx project from the box to the next level… whatever that may be.

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2 Responses to Trading in the new Traxxas T-Maxx for an E-Maxx

  1. Riggzie says:

    Well i had a t-maxx (classic) and it was cool.. i was new to nitro so yes the tank break in was actually fun.. got me to test the turning, throttle, etc…. so it wasnt that bad….

    Now i know if you follow directions you need to do all what you said after run…. i did none of it.. I left it full of fuel when it sat or played with it knowing my last tank and ran it dry. No wd40 or anything into the motor.. My .15 ran great… all the way till i stretched the chassis and put a .21 in it!!!!!! then WOW !!!!!!!!
    So got rid of it as I have a real truck that I funded getting back on the road. I found your site by googling as I’m wanting a basher and a scaler. I am going with the axial scx-10 and will scale replicate my truck.. I was going to go brushless, 13t or 9t, traxxas 2 speed trans and other stuff but seeing youtube videos it isn’t meant to go fast… so i will still need a basher… so i was searching emaxx vs tmaxx….. yes the emaxx can be used in the house, is cleaner, can go brushless, use lipo batteries…. but I’m still leaning towards the nitro for the runtime…
    I appreciate your comments above as I like seeing others + and – on things….
    Well back to Google and thanks.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I am a new owner of a 3903 Emaxx with the TQi Controller it has been about 5 years since i sold my 2 Tmaxx 2.5s and the one thing i do miss is the “noise gratification” and The smell of unburned nitro residue from the pipe. so far the E is fun but is missing the engine noises . My dogs aren’t having any fun with the E. they are scared of it. but the T they loved to chase. they must miss the noise as well.

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