Bashaholic is a weblog devoted to an unhealthy addiction to radio controlled gadgets. Whether its RC trucks, cars, boats, planes, or helicopters, it is our plan to cover it all.

How it all started

It all started with a Tamiya seed planted over 20 years ago when I received The Grasshopper as a Christmas present when I was ten years old. A few years later came the Monster Beetle and some twin prop boat that I can’t seem to remember the name of.

From day one I remember pushing my machines to the absolute limits and so began the cycle of bashing, breaking, and fixing. My arsenal kept me entertained for years to come…until my dirtbike came along.

By the time I hit my mid teens I was heavily into motocross and riding. I had grown out of my “toys” and they were the first things to go when it came time to buy new parts for my bikes.

After a 15 year layoff my Mother gave out a few of those little Brookstone helicopters as Christmas gifts to all the kids in the family… I use the term “kids” loosely, since some of us now have kids of our own. I have to say, it was a ton of stupid fun for us all.

Cut to that same summer, we are at the beach, watching the neighbor blasting his new Traxxas Summit across the rocks and my Mother said “we have to get one of those.”

Long story short, six months later she gave me a new Traxxas T-Maxx for Christmas and this website was born.

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