Full Speed E-Maxx + Rock = New RPM Upgrades

I want to start off with sincere apology for not taking a few pictures of the carnage but, I’m new at this and I just wasn’t thinking. It really is too bad because the lower arm and hinge pin snapped leaving the front shocks bent at a perfect right angle… it was ugly. The lesson learned here is, don’t let your truck so far away that you can’t tell the difference between a rock and a pile of seaweed on the beach.

The upgrade was pretty straightforward so, I don’t think there is any need to go into great detail but, I did want to note that the new RPM suspension arms were very snug where they met the stock bulkheads. It becomes painfully obvious that the stock spacers are no longer needed and you are going to need to break out a file, Dremel, or sandpaper to remove a tiny bit of material around the hinge but, don’t remove too much, you don’t want any play in the hinge.

The hit to the wallet was about $40 for two new RPM suspension arms, two new shocks, and a set of hinge pins. The total time spent fixing the E-Maxx was a couple of hours (it was my first time) to remove the entire front-end, install the new parts, adjust the suspension, and straighten the alignment. Adjusting the pillow ball and setting the camber was a bit tricky, if it translated to words and pictures I would do my best to describe what I did but, this is one of those things where you should just read the manual and learn how it feels. When it’s right, you’ll feel it.

So, if you were wondering how long it takes to break and learn how to fix your E-Maxx truck, the answer is, about four sessions. The good news is, RPM (and the rest of the web) says that these new A-Arms are damn near indestructible and I was probably going to break the stock suspension sooner or later anyway.

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